Laser Cut Metal Screens in Canberra

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laser cut metal screens canberra

Laser cut metal screens canberra can be used to section off rooms or enhance aesthetics. Some are commercial while others are for artistic purposes. Whatever the purpose, these custom designs are ideal for any room or space. With years of experience in the industry, Urban Metal has developed many cutting-edge screen designs that are suited to each client’s taste. It also specializes in providing custom services to meet individual needs and specifications.

How to Choose Laser Cut Metal Screens in Canberra

Be Metal Be is a Brisbane-based company that specialises in custom-cut metal screens. These screens are suitable for residential and commercial applications. These can be used as privacy screens, room dividers, and cladding. The high quality materials and design ensures that the finished product is a high-quality addition to any space. A laser-cut metal screen is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential environments.

Lump Sculpture Studio has a dedicated laser cutting facility in Sydney and Melbourne. Their specialised staff are able to produce custom-cut metal screens for every application. The studio ships its laser-cut screens to all corners of Australia and internationally. The screens are also shipped daily to major cities. Customers who would like customised designs can contact the company directly to arrange for a consultation. It is highly recommended to speak with a local supplier before choosing a screen.