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how does a pisces man test you

Throughout his relationship, a Pisces man will try to test you to see how compatible he is with your social circle. Often, he will shower you with gifts and attention while trying to gauge whether you are compatible with the people in your life. Depending on his level of understanding and emotional maturity, he may even play both of these roles at the same time. Here are some ways to tell whether he’s trying to test you or just trying to make sure his feelings for you are genuine. Source – groenerekenkamer

Make Sure His Feelings For You Are Genuine

One of the first ways a Pisces will test you is by making sure you are compatible with his “pack” and with the people in your social life. Pisces men are intuitive and can easily get carried away by their need for love. When you betray their trust, they can become wishy-washy or withdraw their attention. If this happens, he might stop responding to your texts or calls.

The next way a Pisces man will test you is by asking how you handle conflict. If you can deal with a lot of conflict and avoid a drama-filled relationship, a Pisces man may be the right partner for you. Although you might have many differences in temperament, there are a few things you can expect from a Pisces man. In addition to testing you, he might be too busy with his friends to devote his full attention to you.

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