breath coach training

Breath coach training includes all aspects of becoming a breathwork expert, including the practical skills and mindset required for teaching. You will learn transformative meditations and life-changing breathwork techniques. In addition, you will become equipped with the tools necessary to lead breathwork workshops, including meditation scripts, music, and examples. The course is designed to help you turn your passion into a fulfilling career as a breathwork coach.

Help You In Many Areas Of Your Life

Training is divided into several modules. The training will give you a professional and safe environment for teaching others the art of breathing. You will also learn how to use breathing exercises in your own life. This will be a valuable skill for your clients. Training is offered online or in a physical location, and you can complete the course in as little as 10 weeks.

Breath coach training is based on the principles of self-management, which aim to correct poor breathing habits that contribute to chronic diseases and lagging sports performance. The courses focus on simple and practical exercises that can help you learn how to breathe more easily and effectively. Generally, people who take the course are looking for relief from symptoms of chronic illness or a poor performance in sports. However, those with breathing-related conditions should consult with their physician before embarking on any breath coach training.

Breath coach training is a self-paced course that teaches a wide range of breathwork techniques and meditation techniques. The course is also designed to inspire students and empower them to develop their own practice and coaching style. The courses include over 20 tools, which help students transform their lives. A certification from the ABAA also enables participants to collaborate with other Infinite coaches in the community. By becoming a certified breath coach, you can work from anywhere and make a great income doing something you love.